Friday, April 22, 2011

Week 16: Getting those drawers under control

Drawers...we don't have many, thank goodness. They're much like closets in my opinion - easy places to hide things when they need to be hidden...


Week sixteen questions:
1. Have you got a drawer that needs a little organizing? Will you tackle it this week or something else?
My entire chest of drawers needs to be tackled...and my drawer in the bathroom. The kitchen drawers aren't so bad, but they probably could use a good sorting out.

2. Was last week an organizing success for you?
Yes...I got some things done, but it would have been nice to get more done!

3. Has the habit of just doing one thing at a time helping to keep you from feeling overwhelmed?
Ummm...yeeeeeeeees...except that I forget and get ahead of myself. It doesn't happen as often, so I'm getting better, but I still try to do too many things simultaneously!

Happy Easter! I don't think I'll be doing much organizing this weekend...maybe some chores that involve tools and the help of my dad who is visiting, but no sorting and tossing and organizing.

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  1. I just did the same thing. There were a ton of blogs I added b/c they were on someone else's blog roll but I didn't really like them. Feels great to pare down sometimes!!!