Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Week 14: Does your system need a change?


Okay, so not all my systems need a change, but some of them do.

That was Friday's question over at I'm an organizing junkie.


Week fourteen questions:

1. Have you got a system that needs some evaluation?
Yes...I have lots of systems that need evaluation...LOTS...

2. Pay attention to the areas that annoy you the most. What can you tweak to make it work? Who might you need to compromise with?
There are so many annoying areas...one was the table by the front door. It's gone to live in the living room. Then there's the shelves cobbled together in the living room. They're leaving...and I'm getting new shelves. Maybe. If the car doesn't suck our bank account dry first.

3. What was your organizing highlight from last week?
Our living room looks lovely...and it has looked lovely since Saturday. I love it!

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