Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Rosemary Chicken and White Bean

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Safeway makes two soups that I love...they have a mushroom soup that isn’t too creamy (I am not a huge cream soup fan) and they have a Rosemary Chicken and White Bean Soup. YUM. It reminds me of the Campbell's Bean with Bacon soup we used to eat when I was a kid. But not milky-creamy, just nice creamy. Because it's actually broth based. Even better. I don’t like to buy either of the Safeway soups very often because of the LONG list of ingredients and the salt content...UGH!

rosemary chicken and white bean soup
I’ve been trying to recreate the chicken soup at home...I checked out the ingredient list again and I realized that I need to add some bacon, so the next time I roast or stew a chicken, I will be trying this again. I’ve used both Great Northern Beans and White Kidney Beans and I prefer the Great Northern Beans (they’re in both prepared soups!)

I think I need to write my recipe down though…the last time I made it, I almost didn’t add tomatoes and I forget to add carrots and celery. Ummm....


  1. I hate to pass on an omnivore secret ... if you don't know this already (you very well might already know this!) Once you roast the chicken and take off the big chunks of FLESH (sorry had to) put the all the bones into a pot of water and boil for like an hour...then take out all the bones and you'll most likely have to strain...then you add everything in that water...

    From my Dad to you!


  2. Oh yeah, my mom taught me makes the very best broth ever...super gelled...sorry...that probably grossed you out!

    Thanks to your dad!

  3. also if you add just a dash of apple cider vinegar while cooking up the chicken, apparently that help all the good stuff come out of the bones (and you don't taste it).