Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Sunday

It's been a long, long, long time since we've had a weekend where we didn't have anything to do. No one to visit. No classes for J. No activities. No visitors planned. Nothing.

Yesterday J and I got up early and went to the library. After her nap we went to the park with Alex. Alex and I did some organizing and decluttering and throwing away of stuff. Today we were all woken very abruptly by a band outside our bedroom windows. Seriously...

Today was Sun Run day and our place is just past the 7km mark. There's a band that sets up on the grass median in front of our house.

We've cheered the runners on before, but this year we had Auntie Kelsey to cheer for.

kelsey wavingHi Auntie Kelsey!

j and her coffee
J brought her smoothie down to help cheer...and insisted on calling it coffee...So here she is with her coffee.

We spend an hour and a half running around and cheering and waving - J probably did 2km all on her own running up and down the sidewalk in front of our place with the neighbour's daughter.

Because it was a second beautiful day in a row, we decided to do something fun in the afternoon. After J had her nap. Umm, yeah, no nap today...So we went off to Granville Island and had a little treat...

sunday ice cream treatIce cream from Roger's Chocolates! YUM!!! Yummmmmmmmm

sunny sundayJ and her daddy having a wonderful afternoon at Granville Island...

checking out the cement mixersJ has a slight obsession with trucks and heavy machinery so she was thrilled when we went past the cement mixer parking lot...she tried to get in....tried...but we're going to go back in two weeks when they have an open house because J really, really, really, really wants to touch a cement mixer.

strawberry cement mixerThey are pretty exciting....they're all decorated - this one is a strawberry and there are stars, moons, flowers, all kinds of fun stuff.

We rounded our quiet weekend out with a hockey pizza night (GO CANUCKS GO!!!) and when J passed out (no nap+fresh air=falling asleep during story time) we watched the first movie we've seen in ages - The Social Network. Yes, we are a bit behind the times...

I wish instead of Monday tomorrow we could have another weekend.


  1. Looks like such a great day!! I don't think I've seen any photos of your wonderful family yet so it was nice to see :) I will get round to writing that email have so much to ask!! x

  2. Wow, it did sound like quite the day! That's one big ice cream cone! haha

    I love days like that when things aren't planned and you can just go with the flow!

    We STILL have to plan (or go with the flow) something! I might be going to your sisters bday bash...are you going?

  3. It was such a great day...I can't believe we got more in with nothing planned than we do when we have the entire weekend planned...

    @wonderfullyflo - I know...I was looking back through my recent posts and I realized that there was nothing about our life was all about the little projects I've been working on...and that's just kind of boring!

    @Heddy...we do need to get together...I hope that spring is here now and that means good weather and then maybe it will be easier to get together - J isn't taking anymore lessons until the fall now. And yes, we'll be there on Saturday night - my parents are in town so we have the best babysitters ever!