Sunday, April 10, 2011


36.29 Try 50 new recipes

Canadian Living Slow Cooker cookbook to the rescue...I had some ground beef and needed a quick and easy meal that could cook for at least eight hours. We decided to try the Picadillo (minus the olives).

ground beef
Do you see that? I asked Alex to pick up two packages of beef...I don't want to know how long it took him to find two packages that were EXACTLY the same weight...

cooking beef
Hello ugly, old, energy inefficient stove. So glad you live somewhere else now!

cooked beef
This is the only part that makes this recipe slower than I would like - browning the beef before you put it in the pot. I know why it's important, but I still prefer slow cooker recipes that have no prep...guess I'm lazy!

onions and stuff
I often get this stuff ready the night before...then I can just dump it all in the slow cooker and leave the house...see above re: LAZY!

ready to cook
There it is...ready to cook while I work.

So, I forgot to take pictures of this when it was done…silly me! I made this back before we realized the slow cooker had decided it only wanted to work on high, so it was a bit black around the top and sides, but (and I’m not sure how this happened) the middle was okay. It didn’t taste burnt or anything...

We had it with rice and in wraps. It was good and I’ll be making it again...when we have a slow cooker that cooks on low!


  1. Do we get to see your pretty new stove?

  2.'s here. You have to rollover the picture to see it...or I could invite you over to see it...