Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I don't talk about work much here...there are all kinds of reasons for that.

But things have changed dramatically this week. In a good way.

If you put all the little pieces of the puzzle that I've been dropping all over the place for the last year together, you've probably figured out that there was a bit of a shake up about a year ago (hello, no posts in March 2010, but I'm making up for that this month) that resulted in some major restructuring and a number of the people in my department being laid off.

I ended up in a new department. And for the first little while I didn't know what to tell people I did when they asked. Because I didn't do a whole heck of a lot. But in the last three days we've gone from zero to 120...we're in high gear and moving fast...and it's just going to get faster. I have three big projects sitting on my desk and I'm ready to get them done.

And I'm so excited! I love the way my job has evolved. I'm tired, but I expect that...every time I start a new job, I find I spend the first month exhausted as I adjust to the new routine...and somehow having less time to do things has made me more efficient. Working hard all day means I want to come home to a relaxing I'm super motivated to organize everything so that life can be as smooth as possible the moment J and I walk through the door before dinner.

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