Saturday, March 05, 2011

Week 9: What is your good enough

I'm finally caught up! And I've managed to get a few things done this weekend...I focused on small. And getting one project done made me eager to get on with the next one. Small steps...I must remember small steps.


Week nine questions:

1. Do you know what your “good enough” is?
Yes! My good enough is the point where I'd be happy to answer the door invite my parents, my in-laws, the parents from J's daycare, or my current (or a potential) employer in for a visit. Which means there might be some clutter, but for the most part everything would be organized and it would be clean.

I know I'm never going to be a minimalist. I like having my books surrounding me. I like having a bunch of gadgets in my kitchen. It's all good.

2. What did you organize this week?

My email. My desk at work.

3. Are there areas you are struggling with in this challenge?
Just keeping focus with all the illness at our house. If it's not me, it's J or Alex and both of those pose problems when it comes to organizing and sorting and purging. If it's me, well, obviously it isn't going to get done. If it's J, she requires a lot of attention. If it's Alex, I'm trying to focus on keeping J from disturbing him too often.

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