Thursday, March 03, 2011


My eyes are heavy with sleep I didn't get last night. My eyelids feel as if they are being pulled down by gravity and it's taking everything in my power to keep them open. I go for a quick walk around our building and my feet are heavy, like bricks. It is an effort to lift each one, left right left right, to complete the circuit. The cold air is heavy, choking, as I draw it deep into my lungs. But my eyelids aren't so determine to close: they're staying open without me thinking about them. By the time I get half way around the building my plodding feet are moving normally and my lungs are no longer shocked by the cold air. Back at the main entrance, I no longer feel dragged down and am ready to finish my day's work.

But tonight, tonight I will make sure I'm tucked under the heavy blankets on my bed hours before I was last night.

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