Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Once again, here I am, in a living room strewn with blankets, size 2T clothing, half empty coffee cups, and discarded crayons, looking out the window at the rain falling while a small child with crazy hair snores on the couch.

Another unplanned day off. Another day of feeling guilty for not being at my desk doing the things I need to do.

Especially because this is a week of silliness - I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon and Thursday afternoon and that means I miss part of the afternoon both days.

But the little lady has a body shaking cough again and has been sleeping for over 2.5 hours, so I think the day off is warranted. But I also think we would both be happier if we weren't playing hooky...there were large tears this morning when she discovered that she wouldn't be playing with her friends tomorrow.

The heavens have aligned (at the moment) in such a way that we will be leaving our house tomorrow morning at 7:45 am...they better not unalign before then.

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