Friday, March 18, 2011

Follow Up Friday - Kitchen Counter

It's Friday...let's go back in time a bit and see what I was up to four weeks ago.

Apparently I cleaned off my kitchen counter clutter spot. I didn't post the finished product until much later, but that's what I did the week of February 18!

Follow Up Fridays

It looked like this when I was done tidying it up...

kitchen counter after

And now it looks like this:

kitchen counter four weeks later

Not bad...I've been trying to get through the mail every night if possible. We need a better spot for the recycling (it usually sits where that plastic bag is - that bag had something in it that needed to be returned to the hardware store and Alex took it with him when he went to work tonight). Alex takes the recycling out daily, mostly because we have nowhere to keep it. I think there's probably room in the cupboard directly below the spot for a bin except that J has claimed that as her cupboard and since it's home to just plastics, we let her empty it and fill it and "cook" from it and I don't want her playing in the recycling...

As for spending an unlimited amount of money on our kitchen, if that was the case, I'd actually move! I like our place, but I'd love a bigger kitchen that we could actually eat in...and a yard so that we could have our own garden...kind of hard when you live in a condo!

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