Friday, March 25, 2011

Follow Up Friday - Email

I have no pictures today, but I somewhere recently (I can't find it) I did mention that I’d sorted out my work email...I got my inbox down to less than 20 messages and my sent box was clear. It was lovely. As I read email, I responded and filed it or deleted as necessary.

And then my kid got sick again.

And now there are almost 200 emails in the inbox and probably close to the same in the sent box. How did I get back here? Well, easy…I got overwhelmed by the number of emails when I came back to work after a weekend and an extra few days off due to the sick kid.

If J had been healthy would the state of my email be any better? WHO KNOWS!


What worked:
My filing system
Taking ten minutes at the end of the day to file any items that didn’t get filed while I was working on them

What didn’t work:
Being away for a longish period of time

So…I think my system works…for now…I find email is an ever evolving beast.

(I'll link up to The Home Organisation Project when Sarah posts a Follow Up Friday)

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  1. It seems like our entire lives are evolving beasts...haha...good job.