Sunday, March 27, 2011


We've been sorting through stuff and making piles and tossing stuff...because, almost three years after we moved in, we're ready to get our living room organized. J has been helping me put stuff in the garbage and the donate pile and has been fine with that. She even picked out some of her toys to donate.

But today we sold a piece of furniture. It has never fit well and most recently was a source of stubbed toes for all of us because it was IN THE WAY.

J helped us carry it outside to the lady's car and said goodbye. But tonight, at bedtime, we had a long conversation about why the lady took our stuff and how it was something that J really, really, really liked and how we were eventually going to get some great new stuff to replace it and no, the new stuff was not going to have a special treat (read: food) in it, but maybe it would be a place to keep toys. And the whole time all I could thing was, "I can't believe someone actually paid real money for that piece of junk..."

I wonder what else people will buy...

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