Tuesday, March 01, 2011


My smile is broken.

I didn't realize how much I used it every day until it broke.

I'm sure that plenty of people I interacted with today thought I was a cranky grouch. I couldn't smile at the pedestrian who waved when I stopped to let her cross the street. I couldn't smile at the lady at the grocery store who let me go first. I couldn't smile at the little girl at the grocery store helping her mom.

Worst of all, I couldn't smile at my kid.

And if I forgot my smile was broken, well, I think it looked more like a snarl or a sneer and it lasted a split second because pain shot across my face and I ended up grimacing.

At least today was better than yesterday...

I didn't look in the mirror until I got home from the dentist. My mouth was still frozen, but the freezing was starting to wear off so my lip was all droopy and I looked like I'd been through a war. It must have been an ugly smile I gave the gentleman who let me on the bus in front of him.

I miss smiling. But once my mouth is healed I will be smiling again...I guarantee it!

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