Friday, March 18, 2011

Week 11: Consolidate and Conquer

I love that Laura used paper as her example because apart from laundry, the piles of paper are the biggest problem I have...Like seriously, paper everywhere...And storage for said paper everywhere. Although I've become much better about putting paper in only two (okay three) places when I think about...the kitchen book, the filing cabinet, and Alex. So Alex isn't a place, but there are certain paper things he looks after and I just hand them over. I know they're safe. I know he'll be able to find them...


Week eleven question:
What do you need to consolidate and conquer in your home (and for fun what movie are you going to watch while you do it)? :)

PAPER! And maybe toys. But they're fairly well contained, there's just lots of them relative to the amount of space we have...

I probably won't watch a movie, but I might watch a hockey game. Or my new indulgence, Off the Map. But I might watch Love Actually. Because I can. And I know it well enough that even if I get stuck in another room for half an hour, I'll still know where I am in the movie!

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