Friday, March 04, 2011

Week 6: Negative Conversations

I have negative conversations with myself all the time about cleaning and tidying up. Sometime they're of the "There's so much crap here, no wonder I can't find what I'm looking for" variety. Sometimes they're of the "Why did I let it get like this? This is ridiculous" variety. Often it's me debating with myself if I should do the dishes* now or later and 45 minutes later I decide I've waited too long and I'm just going to go to bed. When the dishes would have taken all of 10-15 minutes and I could have spent the other half hour reading or something fun.


I'm getting better and just buckling down and doing it, whatever it might be. My lists help tremendously because there is a visual reminder to do something as well as a visual patting me on the back because I did it or yelling at me to do it because it's not checked off yet. That, for me, is very motivating.

Week six questions:

1. What did you accomplish this week on your 52 weeks list?
I've almost go my three email accounts under control. A bit of work today and tonight and we should be good to go...the key will be maintenance.

2. Have you had a negative conversation check with yourself lately?
I try to keep the negative talk to a minimum - it's not just an organizing spills over into why did you eat/not eat that, why didn't you do yoga/go for a walk etc etc etc Negative talk is not a good way for me to get things done, so I need to deal with it as soon as I realize it's happening.

3. Are you beginning to see new habits developing yet?

Yup! Tidying up before I go to bed has long been a habit, but I've discovered I'm doing more (like checking the area around the phone). It makes life easier in the morning for sure!

*Insert vacuuming, laundry or other tedious chore here

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