Saturday, March 05, 2011

Week 8: Keep Flat Surfaces Clear

Flat surfaces are the bane of my existence. I prefer them clear, but I can't seem to keep them that way. I'm the worst.


I won't post a picture of our bedroom because I'm seriously embarrassed by it. But I will tell you every surface has way too much stuff on it. Maybe one day you'll if you come over to my house and I accidentally leave the door open. Or as I work my way around the room and post before and after pictures you might piece it together. It's a disaster.

Other friends who are also working on getting organized: any tips on how you beat flat surface would be excellent!

This is also something I need to work on at work. Maybe one day I'll show you my desk...I'm not as embarrassed about that!

Week eight questions:
1. Do find cluttered surfaces make you a little crazy?
YES! But I still clutter them up.

2. Are you managing to stay on top of your 52 weeks list?
Sort of. I've only crossed off two things, but I have a bunch in progress. There you go, one of my two big organizing problems - starting a new project before the previous one is complete.

I think I'd be further along if we hadn't had so many visitors (the flu, strep, bronchitis etc) in the last few weeks!

3. Are you being motivated by your successes yet?
Yes. The kitchen counter looks great.

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