Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pork Chops and other beige foods

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I don’t particularly like pork. So I don’t cook it. But I discovered that I was wrong last summer when my dad made yummy pork burgers. I like pork. What I don’t like is tough, dried out pork.

So I decided it was time for me to learn how to cook pork.

Easier said than done…

I picked up some boneless pork chops on special at the grocery store. I figured that if they were a disaster then at least it would be an inexpensive disaster. But once they were home I realized that boneless pork chops were probably not the best place to start. I asked the various cooks I know (in particular my mom and dad) how NOT to overcook pork chops and got some tips. The most prevalent tip was “FIND A RECIPE.” So I did. I broke out Alex’s copy of Jamie's Food Revolution, figuring if Jamie Oliver didn’t have a boneless pork chop recipe, then I was out of luck.

jamie oliver dinner
So, the end result might be a bit beige and brown, but these were so good. And so easy. And not tough. And didn’t overcook them. And J ate an entire one. And some of us had more than one. And some of us had random non-alcoholic German beer too.

cauliflower cheese
While I was cooking them, I realized that I hadn’t really thought beyond the pork chops and the mashed potatoes Alex requested. And because it was the day before grocery day, we were out of salad and most other vegetables. But I had a head of cauliflower. So, I decided to go with a second Jamie Oliver recipe: Cauliflower Cheese. I didn’t have quite all the ingredients (missing some bacon for sure, maybe some whole milk or cream or something) but it turned out anyway. I think the next time I’d follow the directions more closely (the bacon would make it divine!), but my alterations were fine too. Cauliflower Cheese is remarkably like macaroni and cheese…I haven’t had it since I lived in London. I love that Jamie Oliver has you add a “glug” of oil to the bread when you make bread crumbs and they’re delightfully crispy when the casserole is cooked.

YUMMY! I can’t wait to try more of his recipes!!

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  1. looks good!

    I used to be the chef at my house while I was in college so my parents wouldn't charge me rent and I would make a mean BBQ pork chop. I can't really remember a lot of the recipe since it's been so long since I've eaten meat, but it involved honey and mustard and some bbq sauce...and some marinating. All I remember is that they hate that I'm a vegan now cause I don't make them anymore! haha!