Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Go see Sarah

I participated in Sarah's first Follow-up Friday last week and she featured my little project (the Costanza wallet) on her site today.

If you're on the organizing/decluttering/getting tidy band wagon, go visit her! Her Follow-up Friday idea is great! Every Friday she hosts a place for us to look back at what our project was four weeks ago, see where it is now, and figure out what worked well or didn't work at all.

The bonus?

I'm being really good about tweaking and maintaining because I really don't want to show you something that I sorted out very well that looks like a tornado hit it in four weeks time! So my spot by the phone is still looking perky, my wallet is pretty empty, my desk is fairly clutter free, my fridge is's working...

How many weeks does it take for things to become a habit (or to break an old one)? Is it three? Six? The voices in my head say it takes three weeks to form a new and I'm going with really, if I'm maintaining my organized spots for four weeks (and the systems/plans/procedures/schedules work) by the time it's Follow-up Friday, it should be routine. Right?


  1. I think it's 3...or is it 3 weeks for taste buds? If you stopped eating chocolate for example (God forbid) it would take 3 weeks for your taste buds to forget, but your brain remembers the feeling you get from eating that's why it's so hard to give up lovely foods like that...but why would you want to...wait..what were we talking about?

  2. Mmmm...chocolate....mmmm....that' what we were talking about, right? Food?