Friday, March 11, 2011

Follow Up Friday - the wallet...

Sarah over at The Home Organisation Project has started Follow Up Fridays. Basically the idea is that you look back at the project you completed four weeks and figure out what worked, what didn't work, how you can change know, evaluate your work!

Follow Up Fridays

Four weeks ago I was just starting with Org Junkie's 52 week organizing challenge. I started with my wallet. Something small, something simple, but something that needed some real work!

bursting at the seams

It was full to the point of overload! I had even resorted to referring to it as a Constanza wallet...

edited down

I managed to get rid of tons of stuff and get it to close! Yay...achievement...but could I keep it that way!?!?!

I knew what my biggest problems were:

Too many cards (I haven't added any!)
Too many receipts
Too many reminder cards

Friday evening is my day for maintaining my wallet. I stand at the kitchen counter once J is tucked into her bed and empty my wallet - that's where the calendar is for those reminder cards and where the binder is for the receipts.

four weeks later

So here were are four weeks later - there are a couple of receipts in there and a post-it note with an appointment reminder.

it still closes And it still closes!

So my weekly clean out seems to be working....

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  1. Good job! You seem to be sticking to ot really well and it's given me a welll needed reminder that my purse needs doing too. I love that you scedule time in to go through it. I should do that - especially since i attempted to use some out of date coupons at the supermarket yesterday ::blush::

    Thanks so much for linking up! :o)