Friday, March 25, 2011

Week 12: Daily Maintenance

I've figured out that maintenance is key...and that daily maintenance is the best's pretty obvious when J gets sick and I fall off the schedule....


Week twelve questions:

Tell me what got crossed off your list this past week, what you are hoping to cross off your list next week and what one habit you are going to put into place to ensure your newly organized spaces will be maintained.

I crossed three things off the list and they'll be up soon:
Edit stuffed animals again (with J's help)
Get clear plastic boxes for J's supplies - colouring, art, play dough - March 19, 2011
Get box inserts for J's bookcase

I've also managed to cut the laundry pile almost in half...I know once I get it down it will be easy to keep it that's just a matter of sticking to the plan Alex and I figured out.

This week I'm hoping to get J's room back together and the living room sorted out.

To keep the space organized, I'm going to add things that are missing to my list of before I go to bed stuff....

Yeah....and now, because once again I have a child who is under the weather, I'm going to bed so that I can spend my weekend getting organized.

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