Sunday, March 20, 2011


Spring has sprung and it looks like Mother Nature got the memo. Sunny skies, mild temperatures. No rain. We've got an afternoon trip to the playground planned and we're taking sidewalk chalk with us. Because it won't melt into the's dry!

Our house is disheveled looking...we're not really spring cleaning because I try to be on top of that kind of stuff, but the pleasant weather is a motivator to get the house organized and sorted. Maybe because it hints at the lovely weather to come and I don't want to spend my summer inside, organizing. I want to spend it outside, playing.

Spring is my least favourite season, but I love it and I'm glad it's here. And maybe, just maybe the various bugs that have visited our house this year will take the spring hint and leave...winter is over. No more sickness please!


  1. It was fleeting...apparently we're in for a good week or more of rain...